Exhibition & Sea Aquarium

Experience the marine life
Went to Sea Aquarium recently. Before the entrance of the Sea Aquarium, the visitors have to go through a few exhibits held at the open area. These exhibitions are about Maritime Experiential, where visitors can experience Asia’s rich maritime history and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port. This trip back in time begins along the ancient Maritime Silk Route, which recreates the sights, sounds and scents of the bustling bazaars and where you can interact with the exhibits. See a fascinating trove of precious artefacts from the Bakau shipwreck and Temasek archaeological site that can be found at the Maritime Archaeology Gallery. View life-sized ship replicas of Asian sailing vessels from the docks at the Historic Ship Harbour, and learn more about Asia’s maritime and cultural heritage through the museum’s education programmes.

Singapore claim to have the world's largest aquarium. The Sea Aquarium was so amazing, the design of the marine life look so real. The decorations of the corals and the environment for the marine creature was fabulous. The way they create the build-in Ocean was so creative. 

Brainstorming? Boring? I dont think so anymore..
This two weeks, during creative thinking lesson, we are told to do mind-mapping and brainstorming in a group. Had a lot of fun by throwing in our ideas. In the past, doing mind-mapping in school is always in the "logical" way. Where we put in logical answers and ideas, it sounds pretty boring to me. 
So when our lecturer start to tell us about brainstorming, first thing that came into my mind is BORING. But after that she add on, " don't restrict yourself and your ideas, go for quantity, it don't have to be something make sense." I was like, really don't have to be logical? And don't hold back our ideas? 
I and my group mates start throwing in our creativity, even ideas we will never thought of before. Some doesn't make any sense either. And our ideas are getting more and more, even more crazier.
Our lecturer encourage us," you will never know some of these ideas you think might be illogical, may turn out to be a something in the future." 
As i start looking things around us, many things are created or invented out of those crazy ideas the inventor thought of. Many think its crazy and illogical, but it came true now and we are using it. This is how amazing human creativity can be.

City of water

One place that i really want to visit so badly, Venice, city of water. Its a beautiful city, filled with history and art. They bridges and buildings remain vintage. They have the feeling of art. Their architects were well structure, design of the buildings and houses are so antique and classy. There's only two kind of transport in Venice either by boat or foot. It gives a very special feeling when i read about Venice. An old vintage place with beautiful artifacts and antiques. 

No mission, no reason. Just passion.
 Moscow; Russia-base Art Director Katia.
This is a photo from an Art director. I like what she say about this photo of hers. She says, "I have no mission, no reason. This is an internal dialogue. Feelings are much more interesting than ideas." Feelings are much more interesting than idea, i do agree. I believe art came from ideas and creativity but without feelings, there's no meaning on it. Feelings give meaning to things, and it make art feel alive.

The fantasy of Make-up

Fantasy of Make-up

Today I'm going to talk about make-up. Hearing the word "make-up", first thing that come into our mind probably beauty? Beauty links with lots of things. Make-up is also an art, with creativity, ideas, feelings and skills. 
Before coming to NAFA, i graduated in Higher Nitec of Beauty and Spa Management at ITE College east. I went to ITE instead of polytechnic, as polytechnics only offer me limited courses and i can't afford for NAFA back then. I pick up this course in ITE, as i'm more a hands-on person. At ITE i learn skills such as facial, spa, manicure, pedicure, massage as well as Make-up. I join several make-up competition and participate in school events for make-up. It was an interesting journey in ITE. I love art, i love playing with colors. And during ITE, make-up was the only thing i can divert my art passion on. 


This is an artwork from a Japanese Artist: Yoyoi Kusama, "Infinite Obession". These are polka dots trees lining the sidewalk of the museum. I find this interesting as trees are always in green colors, whereas this artist create a new look of trees. She uses red as the main color. Red gives the feeling of passion, love, bright or even strong. To make it more attractive and creative, she design it with polka dots. Different shape of the dots printed on the trees. Simple design with striking color attract others attention, and that's how it catch my attention when i first saw this too. This design gives a unique and fresh feeling. I can feel a "happy" feeling from this artwork.

The Pavilion

Since the year 2000, London's Serpentine Gallery has invited a different notable architect to design a structure—the Pavilion—on their lawn to showcase contemporary architectural practice. While past invitees include legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei , this year's architect is 41-year-old Sou Fujimoto—the youngest architect to receive a Serpentine commission yet. Fujimoto has constructed a 350 square-meter structure made of delicately latticed steel poles that questions the relationship between architecture and nature.